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Being mindful that no two people are the same, the focus of therapy is to meet your unique needs. Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem and relationship issues (work or home), trauma or flying and driving phobias among others, we will work together to help you gain insight and recognize underlying problems, fully realize your strengths and adjust behaviors and thoughts to experience life in a different, healthier way.

Specialties - Cars, Planes and Bridges

In addition to depression, anxiety, communication challenges, trauma, FeelingBetterTherapy specializes in driving phobias, bridge phobias and flying phobias. With the challenges of crowded airplanes and freeways, many anxieties can come to light that are all very responsive to treatment.

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A variety of options are available for your therapy including both video, in-person and community-based concierge therapy...

Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Depression and Anxiety can create many struggles in your life. With empathy and compassion, I utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches with a primary emphasis on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TEAM CBT) and Acceptance and Committment Therapy. This highly effective treatment approach focuses on your desire for change and introduces a variety of skills and tools with which to address the issues you are wanting to work through.

Fear of Flying, Driving, Bridges and Other Phobias

In the context of a trusting and empathic therapeutic relationship, Exposure and Response Prevention is especially effective with a broad range of anxiety and phobias such as social anxiety, fear of flying, fear of small spaces, fear of driving, fear of bridges or high places etc. With empathy and sensitivity, this approach is used in combination with TEAM CBT, a psych-ed component, fear hierarchies and a variety of exposure techniques to help you get back to a life of freedom.

Communication Issues

Creating a more authentic relationship at home with significant others or in the workplace can be challenging and requires a skill set that many of us simply have not learned. The 5 Secrets of Effective Communication developed by Dr. David Burns, is an incredibly effective approach in helping you to build a more positive connection with others and with yourself. Effective, empathic and mindful communication is essential to a successful workplace and personal experience throughout our lives. 

Individual Therapy

Your initial session is a 2 hr. session consisting of an assessment, getting to know you, your circumstances and history. The advantages of a 2 hr. initial session is to complete your initial assessment and combine this with  actually working on your issues as quickly as we can. The second half of the appointment focuses on the issues you want to work on and introduces the tools and skills needed to create the change you are wanting. Subsequent sessions can continue as 2 hour or 1 hour sessions on a weekly or every other week basis. 

Intensive Therapy

This highly focused approach consists  of therapy 2 - 3 times per week for 2 to 4 weeks totaling 8 - 16 sessions. As with any therapy, the intensive therapy approach consists of an initial assessment and a specific goal setting component. Subsequent 2 hr. sessions focus on the specific area of your life that you are wanting to work on. This approach is tailored to individuals who are wanting to make rapid progress in the area(s) identified during the goal setting session. This is a terrific way to create rapid change over a short period of time. 

Concierge Therapy

In an effort to create your life of freedom, your flying or driving phobia treatment is accomplished through a compassionate office and community-based course of treatment which includes a strong therapeutic foundation through individual therapy, psych-ed and a variety of gentle and progressive exposures. 

Your therapy includes all the preparatory steps and focuses on creating a successful driving or flying experience through flying together.  As hard as it may be to believe this, following an accompanied flying or driving experience, you are well prepared to live your life of freedom and take the next steps by flying, driving or going over bridges on your own.

Addictions and Habits

There are many forms of addiction ranging from a dependence on alcohol, Marijuana, anxiety medication and so much more. This also includes overeating and sugar addiction.

Moving your life into recovery requires a variety of support ranging from medical management and detox to residential, individual, group and social model recovery such as AA.

With a supportive and nonjudgmental approach, you will receive a thorough assessment to determine what the best treatment path would be for your particular addiction or dependence.

ACT (Acceptance and Committment Therapy)

Life is a paradox and there are periods of success, joy and peace and other periods of failure, pain, anxiety and loss.  It's not always easy to be happy and yet happiness and peace are a choice. Pivoting towards your pain instead of resisting it can open life up. The more you try to resist or shut your pain off, the more amplified it becomes. Facing your pain requires psychological flexibility and learning how to move away from your sources of suffering and towards the direction of what we value. Using the ACT framework will create an environment (or choice point) that helps you to learn how to stay present and make the choices that move you in the direction peace and joy in your life.  

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